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Levisia is one of numerous small kingdoms that cover the land of Jugis since the fall of the Nerathian Empire. It lies on fertile soil that has been wrested from the great Valdy Wood that lies to the north and east. What lies beyond the great wood is unknown in these ignorant times, as none have been known to cross it and return. To the south, an arm of the Valdy Wood gives way to the Pumileus Mountains, where lie a number of dwarven holds that belong to those clans who choose to dwell apart from the other races. To the west lies the Exter Sea, upon which brave sailors travel to distant lands to trade for strange and wonderful textiles, spices and other treasures. Finally, to the north is Levisia’s only neighboring kingdom, Eminoria. War has often erupted between these two similar nations as they compete for resources, especially from the Alacer River which flows from the shadows of the Valdy and marks the border between them. Though an uneasy truce currently exists, both sides are guilty of raiding across the river, and pirates exacerbate the situation by marauding on both banks.

Levisia’s population is a mix of all the civilized races, though in the cities some ethnic neighborhoods can be found. More than three quarters of the people are farmers who live in the towns and villages around the cities, with the next largest part being the artisans. The capital city of Caputium is in the northeast corner of the kingdom, on the bank of the Dulsis River, a branch of the Alacer.

The government is a monarchy whose king grants land titles to the nobility in exchange for service in arms and taxes. Levisia has suffered under the rule of King Rickard Pallensius these twenty-nine years, not because he is cruel or avaricious. King Rickard is ineffectual and weak of mind; he takes action only when he is convinced it’s correct, and can be influenced by any well-made argument. During the years of his reign, many decrees have been made which have subsequently been altered or overturned after petitions from members of the nobility, or even the King’s own counselors. Due to King Rickard’s inefficacy, the land is beset by rogues and villains of all kinds, whether they’re pirates, bandits on the highway or thieves in the city streets. As a result, travel between towns is only for the brave and well-armed.

A pall has covered the land in the last two decades, as increasing numbers of people have turned to idolize the dark gods, or even demons. The blasphemy is most common among the nobility, especially in Caputium. While the king has expressed concern, he leaves the salvation of his people’s souls to those whom he believes better capable. However, despite the actions of The Solemn Templar League of Beneficent Divinities and the Pontifex Maximus Brodda, the situation actually seems to have gotten worse over the years.

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