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    Levisia is one of numerous small kingdoms that cover the land of [[Jugis]] since the fall of the Nerathian Empire. It lies on fertile soil that has been wrested from the great [[Valdy Wood]] that lies to the north and east. What lies beyond the great wood …

  • Caputium

    Caputium is the capital city of [[Main Page|Levisia]]. It is located on the south bank of the [[Dulsis River]], 30 miles south of the [[Alacer River]] and 10 miles west of the [[Valdy Wood]].

  • Valdy Wood

    The Valdy Wood is a great, primeval forest with unknown limits. No one in living memory has ever crossed the Valdy and returned. Some have attempted the crossing and returned mad and starving, raving about the unnatural creatures they've seen.

  • Arborvic

    The Levisian woodcutter town of Arborvic is located on the edge of the [[Valdy Wood|Valdy]]. There, foresters venture under the eves of the wood and cut timber for most of the kingdom. In the past fifty years or so, the cutters have only made it in 3 …

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