On The Run

Opening Session

March 21, 2008

Erestor was on the road to Arborvic, where he had learned his friend Content Not Found: Arlen had fled. He had made camp off the side of the road, taking care to avoid detection. Just before dawn Erestor heard the approach of riders. He hid in the trees and watched the riders go by, though an elvish rider looked at Erestor as he passed. Erestor knew the riders must be headed for Arborvic, as there is nothing else on this road. He quickly started jogging after them, praying that he wouldn’t be too late.

In the store room of the Arborvic public house, Content Not Found: Athene heard horses outside. She woke her husband and told him what she’d heard. The two quickly put on their armour. Athene snuck into the kitchen and spotted Arlen’s former colleague, Jubilee of the Talon, stealthily approaching the pub’s kitchen door. The couple took her by surprise and led her with a knife at her throat to the front door where the other three members of the Talon squad waited.

The squad leader, Remmi Bellus, told Arlen that they were to take him back to Caputium in any condition, preferably willing. Arlen explained he wanted nothing but to be left alone. Since there was no room for compromise, the Talon attempted to enforce their orders. Things looked bad for the couple, but the halfling wizard Content Not Found: Algorin came upon the scene, as did Erestor shortly thereafter. After a protracted fight, the Talon squad was reduced to the freakishly large Gill Fortisom, who made a run for his horse, but was brought down by a Command from Erestor.

The party threw the corpses and the unconscious Gill onto the squad’s horses and led them to Algorin’s cottage in the woods to the north of the hamlet. There they dumped the bodies in the woods and took Gill inside where they stripped him of his armour, bound him and used a little “gentle persuasion” to tell them what he knew. Unfortunately, it wasn’t much. Most of the party wanted to “dispose” of Gill, as he’d lead more hunters to them and Algorin’s involvement would make his life difficult, or short. Arlen, however, wasn’t prepared to kill a helpless man. They sent Gill back to Caputium with no horse, armour, weapons or supplies, as it’s only a day’s walk. Thinking on what to do next, Arlen, Athene and Erestor determined to head into the Valdy, as it offered the best place for them to hide. Algorin decided he’d accompany them, rather than take the chance of being arrested for the murder of King’s men. The party headed east on the wood cutter’s trail. Algorin advised the group of the wise woman Emma Anicula. The party stopped at her hovel, where she told them some of what she knew of the forest. She warned the party to take no silver if they ventured to the south. At their behest she looked at their tea leaves and told them gold and glory would be found in the east.

Considering Emma’s warning, the group headed to the northeast.



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