On The Run

Into the Wild

It was slow going through the woods. Emma’s hovel was at the end of the wood-cutter’s road, so the only paths for the party to follow were game trails. After a day’s ride through the brush, the party started to look for a camp site as twilight fell.

Without warning, a large, grizzled owlbear lumbered out of the trees. He spotted the party and made to charge them, but was immobilized. Content Not Found: Arlen ran up and struck the beast, while the rest of the party attacked it at range and made relatively short work of it. They then extended their supplies by taking cutting some of the beasts flesh and roasting it for their evening meal.

The next day the group pressed onto the north. They shortly found themselves on the south bank of the Alacer River. As the river was too deep to wade and too far to swim, the adventurers rode to the east. Around midday they spotted a strange ship approaching. No sails could be seen, but instead smoke poured from two tall pipes. A member of the ship’s crew yelled and pointed at the heroes, and the ship headed for them. As it drew near, a dwarf leaned over the gunwale and hailed them. He introduced himself as Captain Gurdis Baernsson. The party asked him where he’d come from, as they knew nothing of anyone who came from the east. The captain dodged their question and asked where they were headed. Erestor answered that they were seeking to cross the river and asked the Captain if he’d be good enough to take them, for a small fee, of course. The captain regretfully declined, as he was on a tight schedule and couldn’t spare the time. Erestor offered enough gold to make up for the loss of time, so that the captain agreed and ordered his crew to lower the gangway. The party embarked with their horses and looked around to see a crew of rough-looking men, elves, halflings, and even a couple of goblins. The trip wasn’t long, but the captain entertained his passengers well with wine and conversation. Upon arrival at the north shore, Athene went to get her horse while Erestor counted out the captain’s payment.

“I’m afraid that’s not enough,” Baernsson said.
“Well that’s what we agreed to,” countered Erestor. “How much do you want?”
“Everything you’ve got,” replied the captain, as his crew circled around and pulled their weapons.
“You don’t want to do this,” Arlen warned. “We’re wanted killers in Levisia.”
“Me head’s wanted in three kingdoms,” replied the captain, “Now I suggest you pay up and we’ll leave ya’s ashore.”

The party responded by drawing their own weapons and a bloody battle ensued. Athene faced off with the elven first mate and a pirate at the bow, while a wizard’s duel broke out between Content Not Found: Algorin and the human mage on the starboard. Meanwhile, Erestor and Arlen faced off with the captain and three more pirates portside. Two more pirates joined the mage against Algorin. Eventually, every pirate but one was slaughtered, and the remainder threw down his sword and dove overboard.

Searching the ship, the party found a fair bit of coin and two barrels of greasy liquid used to heat the boilers in the engine room, along with many empty barrels that had held same.



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